Monday, October 26, 2015

Sexy, Romantic Novel on Kindle Sale for only $1.99!!!

I have another pen name, Kimberley Griffiths Little, and I've been writing a Young Adult/Adult crossover trilogy with Harpercollins.

FORBIDDEN is a sweeping saga of romance, goddess temples, betrothals and blackmail, set against the tapestry of ancient Mesopotamia.

JUST found out FORBIDDEN is a #KindleDailyDeal on Amazon for only $1.99.

Grab your copy and get ready for BANISHED on February 2, 2016!

I *shower* you with hugs and hearts!




Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Weird Thing Happened at the Book Fest!

Hello lovely friends!  I'm excited to tell you about a short story collection I'm a part of. My story is called Perilous Windows of Time and it's about Charlotte Bronte, Time Travel, and a touch of Romance. Based on some of Charlotte's real life.

The collection launches on Halloween, October 31st! You can pre-order it here for ONLY 99 cents!!

Welcome to the Lake Morgan Book Festival!

Each year, Mr. Denton McCray and his eclectic team of volunteers hosts the most anticipated, and the most mysterious, book fest in a cozy, lakeside community near the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Though many accounts have highlighted strange occurrences, readers are drawn to the book fest each year by the hundreds, and authors are thrilled to receive a hand-delivered invitation to participate.

The season is autumn. The day is overcast. There's an electric crackle in the air that foreshadows the arrival of approaching storms. Tops of trees sway under the weight of winds that bear more than the threat of rain.  The book fest takes place in an old building that once served as a high school.  It has been decades since students roamed the halls ... living students, that is.    

The Lake Morgan Book Fest opens at 6 PM and runs until midnight.  So, grab a cup of hot tea, and dive in!

Meet the Authors and Explore the Story

Voila!  Feast Your Eyes on the Deliciousness!

Drool Over the Awesome Covers

Designed by Alexia Purdy, These Lovelies Hint at the Magic That Awaits!

Within these pages, readers will discover just how weird the Lake Morgan Book Fest can get.  Tales of time travel, science fiction, paranormal, speculative fiction, urban fantasy, comedy, and even a little romance awaits discovery!  

Authors of This Volume:
Kimberley Montpetit
Tyber North
Belle Whittington
A.L. Kessler
Linda M. Au
H.A. Lamb

Within these pages, readers will discover just how sexy things can get at the Lake Morgan Book Fest.  Tales of romance, paranormal, and erotica awaits discovery! 

This volume is for more mature audiences.

Authors of This Volume:
Alexia Purdy
Dicey Grenor
Mia Bishop
Lizzy Pope
J.L. McCoy

Visit the Project Website and Meet the Authors!

There's something for everyone in these anthologies: Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Time Travel, Historical Romance, Sweet Romance, Steamy Romance, Urban Fantasy, Humor, and Paranormal.  What are you waiting for?  Be one of the first to pre-order both volumes!

I love my readers and fans!

Thank you for pre-ordering for only .99 cents!! Spooky and Romantic!