Wednesday, August 8, 2018

New, Amazing Books!

Hi everybody! I have been so remiss the past couple of months not to show off my two new releases! Blame it on summer travel, writer's conferences, family reunions, and a summer cold. Whew! Getting back on track here.

I put all 5 of my romantic Snow Valley novels into a single collection with a smashing new cover, LOVE IN SNOW VALLEY. I love how it turned out. You can get 5 books (over 700 pages!) for only $9.99 or FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited Subscription. 

And . . . drumroll . . . 

THE UNDERCOVER BRIDESMAID got a darling new cover! 
I love it and hope you do, too! It's getting fantastic reviews, which make me all kinds of happy. :-) 

I hope you've been having a wonderful summer! Post in the comments on where you've been and what you've been doing. I'd love to hear. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

The Secret of a Kiss!

If you like Phantom of the Opera, you are gonna love this book! And I loved writing it. Only $2.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

A lonely stretch of highway, a handsome stranger, and a long-kept secret that could wreck everything.

Linden Adair is a talented makeup artist on the New York Broadway show, Phantom of the Opera, creating the hideous scar for the actor who plays the phantom every night. But nobody knows the deep scars Linden carries after the divorce from her husband, Mark Denly—who is the famous director of Phantom.

Desperate to get away after enduring several years of heartache, Linden takes a cross-country trip to visit her best friend in Seattle. While driving on a deserted stretch of highway late at night, she hits a deer and crashes the rental car into a gully outside of Snow Valley, Montana.

A devastatingly handsome stranger with a tow truck rescues Linden and her smashed vehicle, but when she catches sight of him in the light, she’s shocked. Anton Baldwin possess a terrible scar on his face—just like the phantom she created every night at the theater.

But Anton is hiding more than the truth behind his scar, and during a whirlwind week while being recruited for a television show being filmed in Snow Valley, the secrets of this enigmatic man turn her world upside down. 

When Anton helps Linden open up to the world around her, Linden wonders if the small town of Snow Valley might hold the magic she needs to heal the scars on her broken heart.

If you like sweet romance and second chance love stories, then you’ll love THE SECRET OF A KISS, A Snow Valley Romance. 

I'm so thrilled this book is finally out, and wowed by all the fantastic reviews it's getting, including hitting three #1 Amazon Bestseller lists for more than two weeks straight! 

I hope you love it as much as I do. 


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Jessica & James: A Love Story

Announcing my newest romance! Fall in love all over again . . . 

A feisty ballerina with a broken heart. A minister-in-training whose faith can work miracles. Can two strong-willed people find true love and a match made in heaven?


JESSICA & JAMES: A Love Story is a boxed collection of two romances set in Snow Valley, Montana—the saga of rising star ballerina Jessica and the sparks that fly between her and gorgeous James Douglas, the new pastor in town. 

This collection includes both books, new chapters, and a Brand New Bonus Wedding novella!

Suffering with a broken heart, Jessica has struggled to forgive herself for that fateful night when her childhood love was killed in a car accident. After staying away from home for years, she finally returns for Christmas and meets James Douglas who is unlike any minister-in-training she’s ever known. James can not only dish back Jessica’s finely tuned sarcasm but understands grief all too well, turning Jessica’s world and her faith upside down. Is she ready to take another risk on love? 

Living 2,000 miles apart proves difficult and Jessica and James' love is tested in a myriad of ways, but James can’t get the spitfire Jessica out of his mind. When she comes home to Snow Valley to accept an inheritance with her male ballet partner in tow, James and Jessica's passion for each other takes on a new edge. 

Clean romance with heart, and a surprise wedding you won't see coming! 

Enjoy, my lovelies!